From the ring bearer #2

Hi Gamers and comic fans,


     The Grand Opening was a great success and we were so happy to see all of you throughout the day.  Hopefully you enjoyed the free tournaments and comic give-aways.  We also had a good time at the screening of the Lord of the Rings out back on the lawn.  The nest lawn movie will be on Friday night the 11th of July. The movie will begin at dusk and we will feature the Star Wars episode #1, “The Phantom Menace”  We will have Popcorn, snacks and sodas available at our snack bar so join us and enjoy the show. 

I’d like to congratulate the winners of last weeks Yu-gi-oh and Magic tournaments and we are looking forward to this weeks challenge.  Yu-gi-oh on Thursday @ 7PM and Friday night Magic will also be at 7PM where we will also celebrate the Independence of our great nation.  FREE Iced tea for the evening!

     The first monthly comic swap went well and we will have the second on the 26th of July so come out and see what our venders have available …at great prices!  If you have anything to sell or trade booths are only $15 and we provide your table. Our booths are 100sf and are covered to keep you cool and collected.


Once again we really appreciate your patronage and we couldn’t exist without you so … Thanks once again,

Strength and Honor, Sarge


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