Magic Origins Pre-release Friday night at midnight

Join us for a night of fun-filled night of Magic and going into a world of the past. As the Dungeons fills with the smoke, players will take their pick of which planeswalker they would like to join. We will have extra activities through out the night as well as a photo opt for each planeswalker.
If you are interested in participating in our events we ask that you pick one of the following kits.
-Green : Nissa
-White : Gideon
– Blue : Jace
– Red: Chandra
– Black : Liliana

Each kit is $ 26 and we will have all you need to play!

For more information please call us at ( 404 ) 983-2282
or email us at

There will be kits on our store if you want to make an online purchase as well.
Instructions for online purchases:
Go to
click the browse button on the top left corner. Select Magic: The Gathering. Scroll down til you see the prerelease kits for Magic Origins 2015. ( The are organized by color and planeswalker. )


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