Week Update: Magic, Table Top, and More!

The Hobbit Hole is bringing in the holidays with a whole new variety of items and events.

November Upcoming Events and Items:
Commander & Modern Wednesday starting at 6 p.m. tomorrow!
Sealed Deck Tournaments every other Saturday!
FTV: Angels tournaments Saturdays at 1 p.m.
Pauper Tournaments every Thursday at 6 p.m.
Casuals MTG tournaments and Box tournaments will fire every Friday.

Table Tops:
Tuesdays & Saturdays will now be dedicated to table top. We have multiple games for your enjoyment, but if you are in the mood for your own games, don’t worry! Bring in your games and enjoy the dungeon with your very own gaming throne!

Bundle comics will be available every Thursday along with the Long Box special! ( Long Boxes contain 375 comics for $ 60.) We will also have D.C., Marvel, and assorted Long Boxes. And don’t forget to check out our new subscription addition. ” Anyone who signs up for a subscription will receive there 12th month free.” That’s right your 12th month subscription completely free!
We also have some new variants that will be arriving shortly, and don’t forget every Wednesday we do have out assorted variants.

Call us here at the Hobbit Hole at (404) 983-2282 for more information on tournaments and events. Also visit thehobbitholeatjodeco.com for weekly updates.


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