Black Friday Events!

Hello Everyone,

We have a few announcements to get the kids out of the house and in the game.

-Star  Fluxx Demo at 3 p.m. Entry- Free

-Magic Tournament featuring awesome prizes Entry- $ 5

1st place: Level 1  (Commander Deck or packs)

2nd-4th place: Level 2 (Dragonsheild sleeves, featured dice bags,          deck box, or packs)

It all starts at 5 p.m.

-Friday Night Magic: Black Friday Edition

Entry: $ 7 for a box Tournament or free for casual.

Flash deals will be going on every round with a few raffles in-between.


Black Friday Deals of the Day:

  • MTG items 15% off
  • Board Games 30% off
  • Comics 3 Bronze/Silver comics for $ 10
  •  10 dollar comics for $ 8.99
  • Pop Figure 2 for $ 18.99
  • Variants are 15% off
  • Tee shirts 50% off
  • Pictures and posters are 20% off
  • and much more!




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