Thank You!

With the holiday season coming up, we would like to thank everyone who has supported us over the past two years. You all have been so kind to us and we are so happy to announce our 3rd year anniversary in June. We would like everyone to come out and enjoy yourselves because we love making you happy and apart of our gaming family.
We would also like everyone to know that we have a new staff running the show a the Hobbit Hole to make sure that everyone who comes in leaves with smiles and a new kind of experience.
Manager: Chelsey Bishop
Experienced in Magic ( 2 years) ,Comics ( 4 years), and Board Games(1 year). All pre-orders, online request, and orders for newer, recent, and older items will be with her. She is pleased to make this position and soon will be studying to become a level 1 judge for Magic and also will be going to more convention to help you learn about comics, games, RPGs, and more.
Glenn Johnson:
Experienced in: Magic The Gathering (2 years) (Studying to become a level 1 judge), Comics (1 year), and Yu-Gi-Oh (10 years). He is a new hobbit at the Hobbit Hole who will love to assist anyone with any questions with a smile always on his face. He is also very happy to have the opportunity to show everyone awesome collections, comic series, board games, and more. He would like to let everyone know that “I will always put the player in the tournament zone to help them better understand each game, and will also have time to teach any game to players who need better assistance.”
We here at the Hobbit Hole are doing so much more in 2016 and would love for you to be apart of fun.

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