New Pre-Order items (Star Wars/ Board Games/ RPGs)


We are starting a new Pre-Order item list and would love for you to take a look for awesome buys.


Star Wars ” Age of Rebellion” (RPG) (Pre-order for $ 26.99)
Dr. Who: “The Gamemaster’s Command” (RPG) (Pre-Order for $ 32.99)
Hocus (BG) ( Pre-order for 16.00)
Epic PVP: Fantasy (BG)
(Pre-Order for $25.00)
MTG: Arena of the Planewalkers ” Blood & Sweat Expansion” (BG)
( Pre-Order for 17.00)
Monopoly: Cthulhu (Pre-Order for 36.00)
Oktoberfest (Pre-Order for 39.99) -V-Wars ( Pre-order for $72.00)
One Night Ultimate Vampire (Pre-Order for 22.00) -Rome: Rise To Power (Pre-Order for 45.00)
Crossing (Pre-Order for 22.00)
JunKING (Pre-Order for 22.00) -Marvel “Legendary” Captain America 75th Anniversary Edition ( Pre-Order for 17.00)

Star Wars: Spatula W/ Darth Vader Handle
( Pre-Order for 20.00) (FEB)
Star Wars: I am R2-D2 Oven Glove
(Pre-Order for 12.00) (FEB)
Star Wars Plate Set: I am R2-D2/Chewbacca/C-3PO/Darth Vader
(Pre-Order for 22.00) (FEB)

If you have any more question or want to look at the items, give us a call at (404) 983-2282 or email us at

Happy Holidays!

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