Comic # 1’s, Little Black Book Variants, & Much More.

Good Morning Everyone,
Today we have some special deals and events to share with you.
– Comic Day # 1’s @ 2 p.m. (All # 1’s will be available on the floor for the newest comics as well as the older ones. If you are looking for an older issue or # 1, they will be available for order. They will be available for pick-up or delivery (For an additional $4 shipping fee.))
– Play-Testing for Standard @ 4 p.m. We will have more mythic and rares available for each set.
– Free FNM @ 7 p.m. (Standard) with prize support as well as participation packs!

-Buy 2 Graphic Novels, get the third one free!
-Buy 1 Board Game, Get the 2nd 30% off!
-Buy any 3 Marvel/D.C. comics for just $ 8.99!
-All Warhammer items are 45% off!
-All My Little Pony items are 25% off!
-Prerelease pre-orders are going on all day.

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