From The Ring Bearer 2016!

From The Ring Bearer:
Hi everyone, it’s a brand new year here in Middle earth and we here at the Hobbit Hole are pretty excited. Our manager , Chelsey has some great thing in store for you starting off this weekend with the release of Oath of the Gatewatch…available tomorrow morning.
That will be followed up with a Star city IQ on Saturday the 30th. As Golum says,”gold for the pocketses” $300 bucks first place. We will also be hosting a big money YUGIOH tournament in February, check back for details. As always our warriors playing D&D will continue to meet Tuesday and Wednesday nights.
On the comic side of the house, Spiderman and Deadpool are selling like hotcakes, these issues are going to be highly collectible so don’t miss out. Starwars universe is ever expanding and we still have some variant covers available. We also still have some popular back issues of Harley Quinn. We also carry 11″X17″ Posters of any Comic covers are available for only 6 bucks
We had a great year here and have only you folks to thank, so…THANKS. We love you and appreciate your business, you are the best customers on the planet!

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