Weekly Events!

Good Afternoon Everyone,
We are bringing in a little more this week to The Hobbit Hole. If you haven’t signed up for our SCG I.Q. this weekend, that is a must! Entry is $ 29 a person as well as cash for first place as well as an invitation. Don’t miss out on playing those brand new decks especially with Oath of the Gatewatch coming into the game.

Also if you haven’t looked into our new daily night deals or our daily events, you’re missing out!

-Tuesdays: Comic Guide Day. Sarge is in the building and taking questions on all comics. Also we do have Guardians of the Galaxy # 1, Death of Wolverine # 1, Death of Superman, and much more comic lovers. Just come in and look our Bronze, Silver, and Modern Aged comics.

-Wednesday: Dungeons and Dragons & More! Step in on Wednesday to get into the role play! We have other events happening through out the day if you don’t like playing. New Comics will be in Wednesday night after 5 p.m. Also we will have our special variants out for all to see and purchase. And don’t forget about our MTG tournaments. Since we have a I.Q. this Saturday at 11 am we will have play-testing and tournaments kicking off all week. Modern starts at 6 p.m. as well as Standard beginning at 6 p.m. Entry will be $ 5 each!

-Thursday is the day for Yu-Gi-OH! We will have our tournament at 7 p.m. Everyone will receive a prize pack for being in the tournament, as well as 1st-4th place prize! We will also have demo games beginning at 4 p.m. for rental purposes. (Just sign your name, no charge) We will also have Commander Decks on sale for $ 29.99!

– Friday: MAGIC: THE GATHERING will be held at 7 p.m. with prize support. Don’t worry the entry is free! Also don’t forget about the latest set. We will have more booster boxes available, unfortunately we will not be able to get anymore Fat Packs. We will have orders for booster boxes for $119.99 each. Also we are about to start taking orders for the newest set to come in April so be on the look out!

-Saturday: SCG I.Q. starting at 11 a.m. for $ 29 a person. 1st-4th receive cash, 5th-8th receive booster packs. We will also have door prizes and raffles going on all day. And if you can’t wait to start up a new game, we will have side events going on. Also we will have Singles for Oath Available for all players.
Also Dungeons and Dragons will be held at 3 p.m.

– Sunday: Play-testing and Board Game Day! We will have a sale on all Board Games

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