Weekend of Comics, Magic, and Everything Gaming!

This Valentine’s weekend is a must come to weekend. With Game Day going on at 3 p.m. today, we will have all things MTG on sale! That’s right, we will have your favorite items on sale and in store. We will also have our Walking Dead Season 6 Part 2 Marathon and Premiere tomorrow night starting at 6 p.m. Raffles and Door prizes featuring Comics, Graphics, POPs, Tees, Posters, and more will be available through raffles and door prizes.

But wait there’s more!

We are bringing in some new events and formats to cater to you.

-Commander Pods will kick off February 17th at 6 p.m. (pods will start at 4)

-Raffles for the week. Winners will be announced a week after the trivia begins. Come in and test your skills to win a free item around the store. The first Raffle Trivia starts on the 21st.

-Variant Sales: All Variants from back orders to recent copies will be out and ready for you to purchase.

– Facebook Groups will be posted and updated for everyone. We will have up to 10 different groups to cater to everyone. And with each group, you will get pre-order details about upcoming products and events.

– Comic Subscriptions: All list will be updated by Tuesday morning. These list will include the next 3 month comic book titles as well as current comic book listings. IF you would like to subscribe to a graphic or series, they will also be available on the new list.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day and we look forward to seeing everyone.


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