Friday 2.0

FNM 2.0

We are having a new system added into our MTG FNM events. We will have pack-per-round-win with prize support! We will also have raffles for Promo Goblin Dark-Dweller & for Thought-Knot Seer.

Also we have some awesome deals for you today!
– Comic Bundles
– Long Boxes $ 60
– MTG & Yu-Gi-Oh Bundles available
– Pack-Per-Round-Win FNM (With prize Support)
– POP Figures 2 for $ 24.99

And we are changing up a few things around here. Today the Dungeon will be closed til 4 p.m due to renovations. (Prancing Pony Inn Tavern)

And don’t forget to look into our March events!

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