St. Patrick’s Day FNM

Saint Patrick’s FNM!

Entry: $5

Date: March 18th, 2016
Format: Standard
Prize Support:
Pack-Per-Round-Win and booster packs for Top 4!
We will also give out green beads for all winners of the rounds. At the end of the night, who ever has the most beads will win a special prize the pot of gold!

St. Patrick’s Day is not only a day of celebration, it is also a tradition. With the Irish heritage behind the backs of the employees of The Hobbit Hole, we present a night of Irish luck and fun! Corn beef, Cabbage, & Green Beer will be served all night for thsoe who have a craving for it. We will also have special raffles going on all night with a chance to win a Fat Pack from Shadows Over Innistrad (will be available on release night ( April 8th ))
We wanted to make this experience a little different, so come on in for beads, packs, and fun like you’ve never experienced before at a FNM!

Side Events and games will also kick off for all players!


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