PodCast Launch: Hobbit Hole Edition

We are excited to announce our first ever Podcast launching off on April 8th at midnight!

This podcast is to inform everyone from Magic all the way down to Larping fans about the newest upcoming items. We will also make announcements about upcoming events, Releases, Family Days, and more.

Our First Podcast will include the opening of the newest set in MTG: Shadows Over Innistrad! If you are not familiar with the new set, go to our facebook at http://www.facebook.com/the-hobbit-hole and check out our “Hobbit Hole Magic The Gathering” Group to find out more about new spoilers and the newest lore. Vampire, Zombies, Werewolves, Angels, and Humans will be a big part of this set because we are going back to Innistrad. This set also includes flip cards with some major moves for all decks. So tune in and don’t miss out!

The address for the podcast will be released the last weekend of March.


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