Wednesday Events & Upcoming Events

Hello Everyone,

We enjoyed your participation in our last week’s events. Because of the awesome participation we are going to continue our Hearthstone tournaments and the Pokemon Lessons.  Pokemon Lessons will be held every Saturday at 1 p.m. with our wonderful instructor, Kim Smith. Also Hearthstone will now be every Wednesday for practice and casual tournaments. Check us out Saturdays to see when the next big Hearthstone tournament will be held.

Todays Events Include:

-Dungeons and Dragons Adventure @ 7 p.m

-Standard Tournament @ 6 p.m

-Hearthstone Casual tournament @ 6:30 p.m

-New Comic Arrival @ 5 p.m.


With these events kicking off tonight, we have something for everyone. We will also have some sweet deals today.

-Graphic Novels are 10% off

-D&D Items are 15% off

-Pokemon Packs 3 for $10

-Get 10 dollar comics for $8.00


We look forward to seeing you soon!

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