Saturday Events

Good Afternoon Hobbits,

This evening we have some awesome items and events to offer.


1 p.m. Pokemon Lessons and Tournament with top 4 prizes.

6 p.m. Dungeons and Dragons Adventure.

All Day: Variants and Back Issues Available!

New Items:

  • Pokemon Evolutions Booster Packs
  • Pokemon Battle Arena Deck (Keldeo & Rayquaza)
  • Planeswalker Decks (MTG)
  • Mewto EX Collection (Pokemon)
  • Cards Against Humanity Holiday Packs
  • Bust Banks
  • POP Figures (Futurama, Star Wars, Suicide Squad, Captain America, & Much more)
  • Mythical Collection Box (Pokemon)
  • Dice Sets
  • Playmats
  • Comic Boards
  • Comic Bags
  • Dungeons and Dragons Items
  • Pathfinder Items

Come in and get yours today!

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