Wreaths & Holly Sale



Have a Hobbit Hole Christmas with our Festive Middle Earth wreaths

Choose from our many styles of live and artificial wreaths

Sizes range from 12” to 42”

Hobbits specialize in our own live holly wreaths direct from the Shire!

The speciality of  the Shire

Holly and other live Wreaths will be available the day after Thanksgiving…artificial wreaths will be available 2 days after order

Our other offerings:

Door Sprays also available

Any of our wreathe can be customized to your favorite theme, like, Superhero, Motion picture, Ethnicity, or Fantasy character at an additional charge…and it won’t cost you Smaug’s treasure to do it…just ask we are here to please. Pre-lighted also available


$ 23.99 for 12”…$ 29.99 for 18 “…$ 39.99 for 24 “…$ 49.99 for 30”

$60.00 for 36 “…$ 72.99 for 42”

Larger sizes available upon request

To Order call 404.983.2282 or email us at thehobbithole@gmail.com



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