New Comic Titles For February 2017

All titles below can be pre-ordered, so just look for your favorite title and let us know. Also all title are available in variant issues.
– The Wild Storm # 1

Variants: Pencil-Only

Alt Artist: Jim Lee & Scott Willaims
– Justice League of America: Rebirth# 1

Alt Artist: Ryan Ottley
– Justice League of America # 1

Alt Artist: Mark Brooks
– Batwoman: Rebirth # 1

Alt Artist: Jae Lee
– Super Sons # 1

Alt Artist: Dustin Nguyen

– King Pin # 1

Alt Artist(s): Bill Sienkiewicz, Marco Checchetto, Ben torres, Julain Totino Tedesco, Skottie Young, & John Tyler Christopher.
– Elektra # 1

Alt Artist(s): Marco Checchetto, Bill Sienkiewicz, Keron Grant, Skottie Young,

& Pascal Ferry
– Bullseye # 1

Alt Artist(s): Tim Bradstreet, Bill Sienkiewicz, Marco Checchetto, Skottie

Young & John Tyler Christopher
– Doctor Strange # 1 .MU (Monsters Unleashed)

Alt Artist: Brian Kesinger
– Champions # 1. MU

Alt Artist: Dave Johnson
– Uncanny Inhumans # 1 .MU

Alt Artist: Gustavo Duarte
– All New X-Men # 1 . MU

Alt Artist: Richard Isanove

– The Old Guard # 1
-Sun Bakery # 1
– Planetoid Praxis # 1

– Planet of the Apes/ Green Lantern # 1

Alt Artist(s): Steve Morris, Paul Rivoche, Felipe Massafera, & David Ryan

– Death Be Damned

Alt Artist: Konstantin Tarasor
– The Power of The Dark Crystal # 1

Alt Artist(s): Sana Takeda, David Peterson, Jae Lee & June Cheug
– Steven Universe # 1

Alt Artist(s): Rian Sygh, Jenn St. Onge, & missy Pena

Call today for one of these awesome titles.

Thank you for your support,

The Hobbit Hole

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