Hobbit Hole Beginnings 2018

Hello Everyone,

We are so proud to bring you a new Hobbit Hole. My name is Chelsey Bishop, I have been in this business with the prior owners and have 6 years of business experience in this community. I want to bring a new and improved way for comics around Henry County, My partner is Glenn Johnson Jr. He is an experienced magic player as well as a tournament organizer, and of course the best person to come to with all of your gaming needs.

We want to thank everyone who has helped us and supported us in re-opening the Hobbit Hole. We went into business in hopes to accomplish a stronger community as well as a safe place for kids to come play. Oh, did I mention Summer Camp! Yes, parents we have a week long Summer Camp so you can go and have some fun as your kids learn about Magic, Art of Comics, Video Gaming, and more. It is also themed out for the kid’s enjoyment. That will be happening on the first week of June. (Sign-up forms will be available next week!)

With all things changing in the world, we want to bring an atmosphere that brings joy to all comic lovers, gamers, and more!

Located off Jodeco Road across the Train Tracks, we look forwardto seeing you.

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