Saturday Deals and News

Good Afternoon Everyone,

We are having some awesome deals going on, but not only are the deals going on, we have some news for yall!

Hobbit Hole News

  • The Book Club is taking place in April, the first Saturday of the month we will all meet up to discuss the winner, Wicked. If you have not checked out this awesome book and want to be apart of our club, don’t worry we have more time. Just call us up or email us and let us know you want to join! It is free and there will be FREE Coffee and Tea as well as some snacks! This is our way of bringing our community together and getting in the books!
  • Kid’s Summer Camp forums will be out next week! That’s right, it’s almost here! Don’t forget to call us for more details. There will be a schedule that is given to the parents at the beginning of every day, so you can see what your child is learning.
  • St. Patrick’s Day Party! So we will have a Screen on the Green that night for all St. Patty’s Day lovers, and it will be divided for kid’s and adults! The kid’s showing of The Luck of the Irish, if you have not seen it, then you will not want to miss it. Then for the Adult Movie, we are playing Leprechaun! Yes, we will have that awesome movie playing. Through out the night we will have raffles going as well as gold coins for all those who participate (these gold coins are edible too!) There will be more information next week. So stay tuned!
  • Black Panther Raffle will be announced March 15th, 2018! Winners will receive a Funko POP Black Panther Key Chain and a customized Hobbit Hole Exclusive Black Panther poster! If you have not gotten into the raffle, make sure to sign up before March 12th, 2018!


  • We have 300 Ct boxes with an assortment of MTG cards for beginners for just $5!
  • Pokemon Elite Trainer Boxes are 10% off!
  • 3 for $10 on all packs on TCG items today.
  • Comics are coming in with new and old #1 & #2
  • Action Figures are 10% off today.

If you need anymore information please give us a call or email.

We look forward to seeing you.


The Hobbit Hole

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