The Summer Camp Gamer Explosion 2018 Sign Up Forum is here!

Hey Everyone,

Order forms are out and ready for you to send your kid to one of the most epic Summer Gamer Camps yet! We will have themed days all week for the kid’s to participate in as well as a costume contest and drawing contest for them to enjoy some awesome prizes. We also will have MTG, Hearthstone, Yu-Gi-Oh, Artist Drawing Class, a Miniatures Painting Class, a Science Class, as well as Arts & Crafts and a Water Day for your kid’s week of fun!

All kid’s will be served breakfast & lunch every day and will have an hour of recess for some stretching in the sun! We request that every parent fill out the medical forms so that we know what your child can and can not have. This is will help us ensure a wonderful week. All parents will be given an agenda for the day as well as the breakfast/lunch menu for there own person. All Agendas and menus will be ready by  May 19th, 2018 for any changes that the parents see fit.

We accept gamers of all ages, the only thing that we ask is that they are potty trained and that they will be well behaved with other gamers. We will also have forums that will show you what projects and activities that will go before we begin, so parents can put their say into it as well.

We are so excited to be able to have a week full of fun, and if that isn’t enough all kid’s will have the opportunity to create their own Gamer shirts! We want to make this year a year of the kids, and we look forward to hearing from everyone.

  • For all kid’s who can participate we will have a graduation ceremony for the gamers as well as a screen on the green featuring a G rated family fun movie with free popcorn and refreshments!

Order forms can be filled out in store, we understand that you want to protect your credit cards and information so we want you to have the ability to come in and pay if you like. All information will be confidential and after the camp begins all information will be destroyed for your convenience.

The link below is the sign-up form, if you have any questions just call us up  at (404)-983-2282 or night phone (404)-983-2327 or email us at

Summer Explosion Gamer Camp 2018

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