CCG Events

We run events for a number of CCGs (collectible card games) here at The Hobbit Hole.

Friday Night Magic (FNM) one Friday a month from 7 PM until 12 AM.$5 entrance for constructed. Swiss format with prizes. (Minimum of 8 people)


Thursday Night Yu-Gi-Oh! every Thursday night from 6 PM until 10 PM.  Entrance is $5. Swiss format with prizes. (Minimum of 8 people)


Boardgame Events

Gaming At The Hobbit Hole

On Wednesday of each month, from 5:00 until 7:30.  Come and join us to learn new games and meet new people in a friendly, relaxed environment.  Each week, we’ll bring games for you to play, or you can bring your own.


18 comments on “Gaming

  1. hey, just moved back to henry county and some friends have mentioned about your business and Ive been meaning to drop by, but do you by chance have settlers of catan and more specifically any of the expansions?

    • For Pathfinder we have; The Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Rise of The Runelords Base Sets and The Pathfinder Role playing game Core rule book.
      For D&D we have; Dungeon Command Curse of Undeath, D&D Starter Set, Dungeon Command Sting of Lolth, Dungeon Masters Guide, Hoard of the Dragon Queen, Monster Manual, and Dark Sun: Lanto’s Tomb.

    • We do not have the people to play it right now, but your welcome to come in and bring others to start one. We also have Star Wars RPG going on right now if you are interested in the game.

  2. Do you sell any RPG battle mats with a grid for mapping out encounters? preferably one that works with dry/wet erase markers?

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