Wednesday Deals!

Check out these awesome Wednesday deals:
All Back issues are 10% off!
All DC Collectible Cars are $14.99 with the exclusive magazine!
All MTG lands are 10% off!
All booster as 3 for $ 10!


Friday Funday

All 3 for $10s on booster packs

D&D items all on sale today

Fun Fact of the day: The word “Sith” is never spoken in the original Star Wars.

International Woman’s Day

It’s International Woman’s Day! And how does the Hobbit Hole celebrate Woman’s Day…well with some special sales for the ladies.
15% off all purchases¬†and don’t forget about some of these women of comics including: Wonder Woman, Red Sonja, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Black Widow, Spider-Gwen, Gwenpool, Scarlet Witch, Rogue, Spider-Woman, Storm, Moon Girl, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, and more!
All toys and action figures are 15% off as well!

Donations For Our Community Drive!

Our Charity Drive is going on this week until April 30th! These Proceeds are split between 3 places including: Summer Camp Funding, Food Drive, and one of our local churches (Flippen United Methodist Church)! Donations can be food, clothing, cash, or school supplies. We will have all donors names displayed through out our store and our banners as well. We appreciate all donations and we look forward to better serving the community.

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