Subscription Services

Subscription Services

We do offer a subscription or pull file service — that is, you tell us what comics you want and we will set them aside for you every week as the new books come in.

Membership fee:

– there is no membership fee

You get:

– the comics you want

– . All comics are bagged and boarded to ensure that they will be protected. We are aware that some stores offer higher discounts, but we are a small store with a growing customer base, and our profit margins are quite low.

– if you order more than $50 in new comics per month we give you a copy of Diamond Previews for free. ($5 value).

Our commitment:

– we will order the comics for you and have them available for you on release day so that you don’t have to worry about us selling out.

– we send you a list by email each week of products coming in and if you want any additional comics or books you can reply to the email and we will put them in your file for pick up after the release date,

– As a subscriber you are the first to learn about our special events, gallery shows and any events we will be attending for special order items and CGC submissions. We also hold special subscriber only events and sales.

Your obligation:

– You will visit the shop at least ONCE per month  to clear out your pull files. If you cannot do this because of certain circumstances, please contact us

– For more expensive items such as statues and toys, we may ask you to put a deposit down.

– For new customers with large orders, we may ask for a credit card on file. We will not bill cards without permission.

Come into the store and fill out our 2-page Pull List Order Form today! We even do the hard work for you — no need to turn in a 500+ page Previews catalog every month with your order (although you can if you wish). In 2 pages we provide a checklist of nearly all comics that will be shipping in the next two months. All you have to do is check the box next to each title that you want us to pull for you. It is that simple.

You will not even have to fill out a new Order Form every month. We will pull your titles for you until you tell us to stop.

And now you can print your own PDF Order Form, fill it out at home, and bring it with you on your next trip to the store! No need to make a special trip just to update your subscription!

Simply open the PDF link, print the Order Form, fill it out, and bring it back on your next visit. Or, you can email subscription updates to us at
(please use “subscription update” as the subject to the e-mail)


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